Packaging technology has been a major part of the packaging industry for many years and one of the most important players in this are Packaging Technologists.

But what is a Packaging Technologist? Leonard Little & Associates, experts with over 46 years of experience in the packaging business, are here to answer that question and provide impartial advice on all aspects of packaging.

Read on to find out more about the role of a Packaging Technologist and how they can help you create better-packaging systems, solve problems and drive change.

Packaging Technology

What is a “Packaging Technologist”

A Packaging Technologist is a specialist in the structural design and implementation of packaging technologies, processes, systems, and materials.

They are highly experienced professionals who understand all aspects of the production process from raw material selection to finished product delivery.

They have expert packaging knowledge on a variety of different types of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging such as folding cartons, flexible film, rigid plastics, corrugated cases, etc., as well as a keen eye for design, pack performance and quality.

What do Packaging Technologists do?

Packaging Technologists are responsible for managing the structural design, specifying and testing the various packaging components that make up a product or system.

This includes selecting the right type of materials, and ensuring they meet all relevant regulations, quality standards and customer requirements.

They must also be able to troubleshoot any issues that arise in the packaging process and provide solutions.

Additionally, they often have a role in providing training and support to other members of the packaging team.

Packaging Technologist

What role does a Packaging Technologist play in the Packaging Industry?

Packaging Technologists are an integral part of the packaging industry, as they ensure that products and systems meet quality standards and regulations.

This is especially important in the Food & Drink and Pharma sectors where strict food safety laws and GMP must be adhered to.

Additionally, Packaging Technologists also play a major role in developing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

They use their knowledge to understand the packs required functionality, analyse alternatives, drive pack-change, manage testing and increase speed-to-market.

How Technology is Changing the Packaging Industry?

Technology is having a major impact on the packaging industry, and Packaging Technologists are at the forefront of this.

Advances in technology have enabled Packaging Technologists to work with more environmentally friendly packaging materials and often more efficient and more cost-effective packaging systems.

For example, additional automation can reduce labor costs, but typically often requires pack and spec changes, while still ensuring that products still meet quality standards and regulations.

Increasingly technology can reduce waste and increase sustainability in packaging solutions. A Packaging Technologist helps to manage this increasingly complex area.

Packaging Technologist

How can a Packaging Technologist help you?

Packaging Technologists are invaluable resources who can help organizations create effective and efficient packaging solutions especially when the advice is impartial.

Their expertise in structural design, materials and production processes can result in cost savings, improved product performance and enhanced customer satisfaction.

They are also able to provide objective advice on all aspects of the packaging process from raw material selection to finished product delivery.

By taking advantage of their services, companies can ensure that their products meet quality standards, regulations, and consumer expectations.

In conclusion, Packaging Technologists are key players in the packaging industry who specialize in the design and implementation of efficient and effective packaging solutions.

They have expert knowledge on a variety of different types of packaging and can provide valuable advice on all aspects of the production process.

By working with a Packaging Technologist, organizations can ensure that their products meet all quality standards, regulations and the required functions of the packaging: Contain, protect, preserve, inform and to perform these tasks, during filling, carriage, sale and use of the product, during it’s life and after use, in an economical and sustainable manner.



About David Little

David Little is a qualified Print Technologist and Packaging Technologist with over 30 years’ experience in the print/ packaging sector, across all substrates. These include flexible film laminates, cartons, labels, corrugated and rigid plastics, as well as in Repro/ Brand and printing capital equipment. He has extensive print experience, across all processes and is very involved in supplier audits, press passes, NPD packaging process, SOP development, QC problem solving, brand development, colour control and packaging training (bespoke short courses). David lectures in packaging for The Packaging Society in the UK and on the Irish DIT accredited, level 7, CPD Diploma in Packaging Technology. He is Chair of The Irish Packaging Society and a Board Member of The Packaging Society (UK – IOM3). David is Managing Director of independent Packaging Consultants - Leonard Little & Associates Ltd. (Est 1976).