Packaging Consultancy

Packaging Consultancy & Support

Impartial independant advice for Packaging Users, Packer / Fillers, Retailers / Brand Owners, and Manufacturers.

Packaging Training

Packaging Training Company

These courses are invaluable for any product based business as they cover every aspect and variable of packaging processes.

Packaging Problem Solving


With over 46 years in the packaging business, we have a wealth of experience to advise and help you on all aspects of Packaging

Leonard Little & Associates is made up of three distinct business divisions, as shown above. In each of these areas we advise, support and assist our Clients in growing their business, raise efficiencies and increase margins. Our experience supports your development.

Do You Need Packaging Support ?

If you’re looking for effective packaging solutions to improve your business, look no further than our team. We can provide expert support with problem-solving, driving packaging change, creating efficiencies, reducing costs, increasing speed-to-market, and managing sustainable packaging projects. Our experience and expertise can help to optimize your packaging strategies and ultimately drive your business towards success.

Leonard Little & Associates

David Little

Managing Director


Print Technologist


Packaging Consultant & Trainer


Packaging Technologist


Lecturer in Packaging Technology in the UK and Ireland


Head Trainer - IOM3 (Packaging) (UK)


Chair of The Irish Packaging Society (branch of The Packaging Society UK {formerly The Institute of Packaging})


Board Member of The Packaging Society UK - Division of the Royal Chartered, Institute of Material, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)


Fellow of the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining.


Chair of TPS - Training and Education Sub-Committee (UK)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will hiring a Packaging Consultant save me money?

Yes. Hiring a Packaging Consultant can absolutely save you money in many direct and indirect ways. For instance, analysing your specifications, sizes, packaging formats, NPD process or quality issues can save money or impact on performance. Looking to improving efficiencies, in the NPD approval process, or Goods-in QC and Production Line efficiencies, can also save you time and money and improve your speed-to-market.

Why hire a Packaging Consultant?
We can help reduce costs, increase efficiencies and solve problems, making you more profitable.
Who should hire a Packaging Consultant?

This service is designed for those, that do not have, in-house technical support or, have stretched existing resources. We have customers of all sizes, from start-ups, to SME’s, to large multinationals.

Who Are Your Packaging Training Courses For?

Our Packaging Training courses are aimed at everyone from start-ups to long established companies. Packaging in itself is a complex thing with many factors involved. Having expert advice from the get go can eliminate costly mistakes and delays. A packaging audit from this industry leading company, is an opportunity to sense check, your packaging specs and processes and can highlight opportunities to increase efficiencies or save costs.