Fossaluzza Pallet Inserter

Italian manufactured Pallet Inserter for in-line machines and die cutters

Pallette Inserter Machine

Automatic Pallet Inserter for in-line machines and die cutters

 Excellent quality machine, completely manufactured in Italy  Sturdy, reliable, quick and compact  Max speed 140 piles/h  Completely automatic functioning  Pile centering and double jogging with or without gap on the pallet  Variable force in automatic mode  Perfect slip sheet lifting and folding  Quick insertion of several pallets at the same time  All-purpose robot pliers with 90° rotation or high-pile dispenser  Interface with other PC  Touch-screen computer interfaced with supervision software  Diagnostic and remote assistance functions  Optionals: semiautomatic model for sheets, video screening and other devices  No use of hydraulic oil  Customized solutions