Fossaluzza Prefeeder – One

Italian manufactured Prefeeder Machines for bottom printing

Packaging Machines

Prefeeder  for machines with bottom printing

 Excellent quality machine, completely manufactured in Italy  Automatic functioning with continuous shingling of the bundle, with horizontal belt conveyor on sheet-feeder height  Mobile or fixed, with telescopic belt  Speed over 400 pc/min  Continuous automatic centering of the pile  Perfect separation of the bundle from the pile, with combined system: lifting,pushing and blocking of the sheets  No sheets breaking  Excellent functioning even with curved sheets, die-cuttered, with uncovered wave and with solid board  Jogging and alignment of sheets flow, even off-axis machine  In line or 90° pallet and/or last sheets unload  Parameters synchronized with in-line  Completely automatic setup  Control panel with symbol touch-screen  Interface with other PCs  Tele-assistance through Ethernet  Optionals: automatic reject of broken sheets, staircase and footbridge, customized solutions