providing unique, tamper proof, non-replicable identity for your products

Leonard Little & Associates Ltd. Acviss Technologies – Ireland / European Partner

What Is acviss technologies platform?

Acviss Technologies Platform links the scanned product, pack, or outer box with your ERP system, via digitally printed codes or security labels, applied at the point of production.

As these are scanned throughout the Supply Chain, it is possible, therefore, to track the product shippers at every stage, guaranteeing its authenticity and engaging with the various stakeholders at each level of Distribution, Wholesale or Retail.

Other Features of acviss?

  • End Customers can also scan their purchase and engage through the app, to see product information, linked pictures, video clips, instruction leaflets, loyalty schemes, websites, etc.
  • Engagements or loyalty/warranty programs can be monitored via the platform, and a personalised Dashboard is created for you to monitor performance or issues.

As a result of this cutting-edge technology, we have created a range of products and solutions in the security, serialisation, anti-counterfeiting, loyalty program and e-commerce area. 

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David Little

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Leonard Little & Associates Ltd. European Partner – Acviss Technologies